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Students for Education and

Economic Development

About SEED Inc

Our Mission

We are committed to making man (male and female) in the image and likeness of God by teaching students how to become economically independent and institutionally sovereign. To that end, we dedicate our resources to:

• Delivering high-quality, project-based service learning, beginning with agriculture and industry;

• Providing innovative economic opportunities for participants, with a focus on low-income communities;

• Partnering with others in the community to improve educational and economic opportunities;

• Advancing the scientific education of children at the public policy level

Our Vision

We believe that children from all walks of life have the potential for genius if that innate spark is nurtured through education. Therefore, we envision an educational system that prepares all students to engage in advanced scholarship according to their interests, participate in the local economy, and institute best practices in holistic community development wherever they may live.

By the time children graduate the sixth grade they know how to research, develop, produce, and market at least one agricultural product, and by twelfth grade, they should know how to research, develop, produce, and market at least one industrial product.

Our Values

SEED Inc is committed to teaching students how to become economically independent and institutionally sovereign. Above all else we value:

Integrity: Principled decision making is our guide

Teamwork: Working cooperatively towards a common goal

Reverence: Honoring the light and life of all that we meet

Innovation: Creative solutions to difficult problems

Excellence: Perfect execution of our responsibilities


The idea for Students for Education and Economic Development was born out of a tragedy in 1985 when high school basketball star Ben Wilson was murdered in the streets of Chicago.

The late Rev. James Bevel and his colleagues prayed about a solution to the increasing violence among young people and determined that proper education and economic development opportunities were the missing element in these children’s lives. These are the roots of the first SEED organization.

The second generation of SEED Inc was incorporated by Scott and Erica Muhammad in Alabama in 2010; they currently serve as co-directors of the organization. They have run organic agriculture camps for children since 2001 in Illinois and Alabama. 


Scott Muhammad


Erica Muhammad


Board Members

Anna Muhammad

Springfield, MA

Nile Hawkins

Grand Rapids, MI

Maurice Muhammad

Bessemer, AL

Sherri Bevel, PhD

Chicago, IL

Dora Muhammad

Boston, MA

Lloyd Webb, DVM, MPH

Tuskegee, AL

Roberta Crenshaw

Houston, TX

Ontrel Tate

Tuskegee, AL

Tim X Hardin

Richmond, VA

Arthur Muhammad

Richmond, VA


Rainelle X Jackson

Development Director

Robin Tipton

Administrative Assistant

2009 Farm School Highlights

2011 Farm School Highlights

Farmers of Greene County

Advisory Board

Carol Ammons is the State Representative for the 103rd District of Illinois.

Duane Quamina is a minister in the Philadelphia region.

Fran Viselli is a retired entrepreneur in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.