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Students for Education and

Economic Development

Apprenticeship Program

The goal of the SEED Farmers Apprenticeship Program is to cultivate a new crop of young farmers while helping our senior farmers improve their production and pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of farmers.

Apprentices enrolled in the program receive character development classes and participate in the Alabama Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners course (graduates become certified Master Gardeners). When needed, GED classes are also available.

This year, SEED apprentices will install bio-intensive organic mini-farms as part of the SEED Farm School program.

Students enrolled in the program will also have the option of receiving certification in landscaping design, food handling, hoop house construction, and/or organic systems planning.

The SEED Apprenticeship Program is an ideal alternative to incarceration for certain offenders and an appropriate study for returning citizens who are interested in farming.

The Apprenticeship Program will be expanded to include industrial trades such as carpentry, mechanics, and welding.

SEED Apprentices, upon completion of the program, are available to help develop fallow land.