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Students for Education and

Economic Development

SEED Inc COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 changed the world, and the way we see and respond to the world. Like other ministries, the nature of our work changed drastically because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Here is a brief description of our inspired response to our community's needs during this crisis.

Health Navigators

Health Navigators are paramedical peer educators who use their influence as recognized members of the community to address critical community health care needs and foster the application of knowledge at the community level. The Health Navigators program utilizes a culturally relevant strategy to mitigate massive ignorance about the coronavirus pandemic specifically and basic health practices in general to break the cycle of premature death.

Martyrs Memorial Park

The Martyr’s Memorial Park is a wholistic response to the secondary effects of COVID-19 on individual and community mental health. Commemorating the lives of these martyrs puts a face on those who previously were only a statistic. This project is designed to bring closure and solace through community acknowledgement and remembrance of victims of COVID-19 in Macon County. The invitation to families to memorialize loved ones in a fruit tree planting ceremony will not only initiate a psychological community healing, but it will also bring public verification of the very real death toll.

Community Virtual Conduit

In order to address the gap in the wellness market, we are developing a virtual conduit that will serve marginalized communities that have typically been left out of the wellness conversation. We wanted to create a space for inclusivity and accessibility. It will de-stigmatize issues facing this segment of the community.

Food Security

The economic effects of the pandemic caused a dramatic increase in food insecurity nationwide. SEED Inc, in partnership with the Macon County Community Foundation, conducted a small-scale "Family Garden Project" to encourage families to grow food in their backyards. SEED also helped to establish the SEED Unity Garden as part of a community farm initiative. To support the immediate nutritional needs of our community, SEED assists a local food pantry in providing food to low-income residents.


Little was known about SARS-CoV-2 at the beginning of the pandemic. We begin researching medical studies and compiling this research for dissemination. As the virus progressed, SEED recognized that basic public health guidance for COVID-19 prevention were not being observed on a consistent basis. To help educate the public, SEED is producing a series of public service announcements and short films.

Quarantine and Isolations Facilities

We must have spaces to quarantine and or isolate family members suffering from COVID in order to mitigate spread. The CDC recommends home isolation for those who can safely isolate at home, but for those who cannot, it is recommended that affected individuals be assigned to an isolation facility in the community. Presently we have no such facilities. To counter this deficiency, we advocate the purposing of local available housing units as Quarantine and Isolation Homes.

Macon County Community Partnership

SEED Inc is a member organization of the Macon County Community Partnership, a COVID-19 response task force that was established to coordinate community-wide efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus. The task force is comprised of Tuskegee University, local government, churches, and community organizations. For more information, visit

Macon County

Community Partnership

COVID-19 Response Task Force