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Students for Education and

Economic Development

Farm School

SEED’s Farm School program is an innovative way to introduce the study of agriculture to students in grades K-12 using project-based learning.

We are creating a model implementing the study of agriculture as a basic component of elementary education. Our goal is to provide every student graduating the sixth grade with the knowledge of how to research, develop, produce, and market at least one agricultural product.

The program utilizes the Junior Master Gardener curriculum to teach farming essentials such as plant physiology and growth, water and soils, pest and disease management, vegetable and herb production, fruit and nut production, and harvesting and preserving crops.

Intensive character development is a highlight of the program to help instill in each child the knowledge of how to properly treat one another and honor themselves.

Students enrolled in Farm School participate in hands-on farming and gardening projects as they plant and cultivate their own organic mini-farms.

Arts and crafts are incorporated into the Farm School program, with a particular emphasis on crafts utilizing materials derived from locally sourced natural resources.

Students learn how to set up markets to sell the produce grown in their mini-farms. They are also taught business essentials by the Small Business Administration on how to manage and grow their business.

Each student has the opportunity to open a Young Savers bank account with the earnings from their produce sales. They also receive financial literacy classes so they can wisely manage their money.

Guest speakers are invited to address Farm School students throughout the program. Each guest is a professional in some aspect of the Farm School curriculum.

Students also participate in field trips related to agriculture or industry to enhance their experience in the program.

Farm School acts as a feeder system introducing children to the wonder of agriculture and preparing students to pursue studies at agricultural colleges and careers in agriculture.

This year, students will market a portion of their produce to the county Board of Education as part of the USDA Farm-to-School initiative.